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Reed-Pod Case

The Reed Pod is a stylish and sturdy oboe reed case holding 10 reeds*
The most innovative and ergonomic design on the market it’s easy to use and provides the best environment for your reeds. A year in the engineering, The Reed Pod is machined three dimensionally by a computerised CNC out of a solid, high quality aluminium billet. Anodised and scratch proof, it offers unsurpassed safety for your reeds. Designed with hygiene in mind, the man-made fittings and fabrics ensure reeds will be kept fresh, and controlled airflow will allow reeds to dry naturally.
Covered by a Lifetime Warranty **

Design Description:
Three-dimensional reed-bed: to lift reed just press the lower end of the staple!
No more damage to reeds by handling the delicate tips to remove reeds from cramped reed cases!!***
Dual-purpose viscose velvet covered non-compressing neoprene strip fits over staples to hold reeds securely.
See our price list for current pricing of this product.

* May accommodate safely some cor anglais and oboe d’amore reeds.
**    Excludes the unlikely wear on anodizing.
***  Medium thickness tying  thread would suits best,

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